Welcome to Vision 2020!

Over three days in September 2020, you will have the opportunity to meet Rotarians from across our vast District and be inspired by truly outstanding, world-class speakers.

The vision of the 2020 District 5370 Conference is to put Rotary into perspective—as it was, as it is today and how it will be seen in the future.

For more than 100 years,....

Who's Speaking

  • Beckie Scott
    Beckie Scott Olympian
  • Dr. Mark Joffe
    Dr. Mark Joffe Vice President & Medical Director for Northern Alberta
  • Dr. Christopher Brauer
    Dr. Christopher Brauer Professor, University of London
  • Amy Smith
    Amy Smith Rotary Global Grant Scholar
  • Alan Mallory
    Alan Mallory International speaker, author and performance coach
  • Valeria Guadalupe Ramírez Rojas
    Valeria Guadalupe Ramírez Rojas Project Amigo Alumi

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  • KIWI Productions
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